1962 Double Door Walkthr

1962 Double Door Walkthru Panel Bus, Excellent Original Sheet Metal and History!

Once in a while a Bus with a strong time capsule quality will come through and this is such an example.  It's incredible how nice a car can be with an attentive and anal retentive original owner who takes proper care, garages, and properly maintains their vehicle.  This Bus has some of the best original sheet metal I've seen in quite some time as well as a huge stack of receipts and records going all the way back to the original dealer purchase order and the original loan acceptance paperwork from Bank Of America dated 1962!  Original California black plated cars that have spent their lives in garages out of the elements are often some of the best you will ever find and the pics of the floors, rockers, and original belly pans on this Bus will show you just what I mean.

Some of the many features of this Bus include being a factory Double Door, factory Walkthru, having the original California black plates, an extensive stack of service records dating back to when the Bus was brand new, and some of the best factory sheet metal you will find on a 51 year old Panel Bus!

The body is in exceptionally good unrestored condition.  It did see an exterior respray many years ago in a color that is a shade off from the original Dove Blue.  Take a good look at the reflections on the sides, the rockers, underside, and the cargo floor.  This Bus saw a gentle life and the basically "best case scenario" sheet metal is testimony to that fact.  Other details to note include that the Bus has the correct slash cut bumpers, thick lipped doglegs, flat wheel wells, outie vents, and proper 15 inch slotted Bus wheels, too.

The commercial interior is very spartan and features strong original Dove Blue paint in the cab, very clean and dry flat grey paint in the cargo area, a beautiful original paint dash with an early Blaupunkt AM/FM radio, super clean original 80mph speedo, and correct walkthru seats, too. 

Mechanically the Bus is bone stock and made a successful cross country trip from Southern California to the North Eastern United States just a handful of years back.  Pics from that trip can be seen in the full album on my website at  It has spent more time in storage as part of a large collection than it did on the road in recent times so a thorough service would be advised.  The Bus does start, run, drive, and stop currently.  The engine is a good-running factory rebuilt fresh air 40hp and the trans is a nice shifting stock small nut reduction box setup.  The wheels are correct 15 inch Bus and have a older set of Denman wide white wall bias plies on them now.  The electrical system is still stock 6 volt, too.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Connecticut.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this exceptional Double Door Walkthru Panel Bus, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.

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