1963 15 Window Walkthru!

1963 15 Window Walkthru Deluxe Microbus, Clean and Nice Example!

Here's an exceptionally clean, complete, and respectable early 1963 15 Window that looks great, features the desirable Walkthru seating, the correct early seats, factory 6 popout window option, and it's a California black plate Bus, too.  It's nice, proper, lovable, and not too nice to feel comfortable driving.  Most enthusiasts would be very proud to own this Bus!

The Bus was restored by Lenny and West Coast Classics some years ago and was previously owned by a well-known and respected Southern California Volkswagen and Porsche collector.  It's been well cared for and still displays nicely, too.

The body and paint were refinished nicely in the original colors of Sealing Wax Red and Light Beige Grey.  All Deluxe body trim, rocker spears, bumper trim, jail bars, and wheel trim rings are correct and present, unlike so many Buses that skip out on those critical details these days.  Another cool detail is that this Bus is an early 1963 so it features the cooler outie engine cooling vents with the Deluxe trim on them.  Seems trivial but anybody in their right mind would choose outie vents over innies, it means something amongst a large portion of the Bus collector community.  Other details to note include it having the correct slash cut bumpers, proper 15 inch Bus wheels, and a nice wood slat roof rack as well.

The interior is a particular highlight, complete, nice, and very faithful to the original design.  From the mohair headliner, Basalt Grey paneling, 8 passenger seating arrangement including the correct 1962/1963 thin grab bar middle seat, ashtrays, armrests, middle and rear seat kick panels, rear seat Deluxe luggage bar, luggage shelf carpeting, Deluxe clock, etc.  Very tidy, correct, and clean overall.

Mechanically the Bus is a nice driver and features a 1600cc dual port engine, a stock reduction box transaxle, stock suspension, stock brakes, and the electrical system has been converted to 12 volts for quicker starts, brighter lights, and added reliability.  The goal was to respect the original styling and design but to add just a bit more pep for practicality for modern roads around California!

We don't often see German 15 Windows this clean, complete, and beautiful!  Thanks!


Please note that this 1963 is located in ???

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