Sold!  1963 Double Door Standard Microbus, Beautifully Restored and Genuine!

1963 Double Door Standard Microbus, Beautifully Restored in Turkis and Blue White, Double Flipper Middle Seat, and More!

Here is a rare, beautiful, and absolutely genuine 1963 Double Door Standard Microbus!  It is very well done, super dry, absolutely complete, and it retains many original details throughout.

Some of the many features include the very rare and original Double Flipper middle seat, all 3 original kick panels, very faithful upholstery from West Coast Classics, beautiful mohair headliner, proper Phosphor and Como Green paneling, all original panel chrome trim, original Ice Blue sun visors, both original slash cut bumpers, being a desirable factory 6 popout window Bus, and a super dry original undercarriage with excellent original belly pans! 

This Bus is a crowd pleaser and has received numerous awards including Best Of Show, First In Class, Best Restored, and most notably an Award of Excellence at the First OCTO (Orange County Transporter Organization) event it attended!  Getting a nod of approval at an OCTO event is no small feat!

The body is in excellent condition and has been nicely resprayed some years back in the original colors of Turkis and Blue White.  Without a doubt Turkis and Blue White is one of the most popular and appreciated color schemes that Volkswagen ever offered on early Buses.  Prior to the restoration it was wearing original paint and was a very dry Bus requiring only minimal rust repair.  A quick look at the many undercarriage pics on my website will show you exactly how exceptionally dry a Bus this is!  The belly pans and undercarriage were left in the original paint to further exhibit the dry climate life this Bus has led.  The doors, decklid, apron, bumpers, and wheels are all correct for the Bus as well.  Additionally, all of the window and body rubber seals were replaced at the time of the repaint.

The proper Phosphor and Como Green interior is absolutely complete and very faithfully restored with a focus on retaining as many original-to-the-Bus details as possible.  Many of those little details typically get lost over the years and are very difficult to replicate once they are gone.  Such details as the original Double Flipper middle seat, all 3 original kick panels including the 2 for the middle seat (!!!), original Ice Blue sun visors, handles, knobs, latches, floor mats, rubber kick panel on the back of the bulkhead, rear seat backrest metal trim piece, interior paneling chrome trim, door screw plastic caps, ashtrays, arm rests, dome light covers, and loads of other hardware and details everywhere you look.  The seat covers were very nicely done by West Coast Classics in the proper turquoise vinyl.  The interior panels are new and correct Phosphor and Como Green units from TMI and the upper rear corner panels are original but have been color matched to original and resprayed in Sim paint.  The mohair headliner is proper and very nice as well.  The dash is very clean, uncut, and the radio block off plate is still in place.  The interior of this Bus is a major highlight and beautiful!

Mechanically the Bus is a nice and proven driver with a 1600cc single port engine with approximately 20,000 miles on it.  The original owner installed a big nut transaxle in it many years ago and it still shifts nicely and does not pop out of gear although it has begun to growl a bit and leak oil as well so expect to rebuild it at some point in the future.  The reduction box bearings were replaced approximately 15,000 miles ago as well.  The electrical system is still factory 6 volt, too.  A nice set of radial white stripe tires are mounted on correct 15 inch slotted Bus wheels.  Over the last several years this Bus has made many successful long trips from Arizona to Northern California, Southern California, and Colorado as well.  It is turnkey and ready to enjoy.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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