1964 21 Window Surf Bus!

1964 21 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus, Cool Patina Relic!

This early 1964 Turkis and Blue White 21 Window Deluxe Bus is a neat relic from a bygone era.  Back in the 1970's "Surf Buses" like this were a common sight around Southern California college campuses and beach communities.  The previous owner, a woman who was a Southern California native, purchased the Bus back in 1973.  She enjoyed it during her college years, note the cool University of California Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College parking passes from 1976-1977 on the front bumper, and in 1979 she drove the Bus cross-country to New England.  She settled there, met her husband, got married, and the Bus spent the next 35+ years in storage!

This is an original California black plate Bus, the original California pink slip title is also still present (a current New Hampshire title is, too), and there's a vintage peace symbol button stuck to the overhead air box decades ago and an old marijuana leaf key fob that's also been with the Bus since back in the day.  Total flavor of the era it came from!  The rear seats were removed early in the Bus' life and a custom camper interior replaced it, a common fate for Surf Buses back in that time frame.  Look at that 1979 California registration sticker on the rear plate, that was the last time this Bus was on the road!

The body is in fair condition, displays a good amount of the original Turkis and Blue White paint, and has rust in the usual places including the rockers, belly pans, front floor corners, cargo floor edges and corners, and some around the skylight windows, too.  Overall it's no creme puff and it's far from junk, too.  We see far worse at shows and being restored these days, that's for sure.  The wheel wells were cut out back in the day and it had oversized rear tires, too, a genuine Baja Surf Bus.  The center section of the bulkhead wall was also cut out, the old way of a low-buck Walkthru.  Details to note include that it has all of the correct doors including the fronts being the early icepick handle style, correct engine lid, rear apron, and both correct bumpers and the rear is also included although it's not installed in the pics.  The original M code plate is still intact and reflects that this is a genuine model 251 21 Window Deluxe Microbus that would have had the short middle seat originally.  While the Bus was in storage mice made a nest inside one of the belly pans, so the owner pulled down the rusted section, and cleaned it all out of there.

The interior is ratty and had a custom camper kit installed back in the day.  The original Como Green front seat is still in place and in the original upholstery although the seams are blown.  The dash is still in pretty nice shape and displays the original Blue White paint, too.  The camper interior was ratty so it was recently removed and the cargo area is basically a blank canvas now.  Other details to note include the original 80mph speedo, the Sapphire I by Bendix push button radio, the original Deluxe dash clock, the original front floor mat, and the original ivory Deluxe steering wheel are showing their 64 years but really aren't bad.

Mechanically the Bus is stock and is currently a "yard driver".  It had been hibernating for 35+ years and was revived not long ago.  The carburetor was rebuilt, the fuel pump replaced, the oil was changed, a new muffler was installed, the heater boxes were changed, and a battery was installed.  It currently runs off a remote fuel source as the tank has spoiled gas in it after so many decades.  

Overall this is a cool genuine German 21 Window with a neat old school California surf vibe.  It is a great candidate to revive as a surf Bus with some cleanup, further mechanical revival, a fresh set of knobby meats on the rear, and drive it like that.  The knobby tires and vintage oversized rear wheels that were on it when it was discovered will also come with it making that "restored as a 1970's Surf Bus option that much easier.  It would also be a good candidate to clean up, do some localized welding and paint blending on, blend in some wheel wells, and roll it as a ratty survivor.  Or it would be an excellent and honest base Bus for a complete restoration.  Lots of good options with this one!  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in New Hampshire.

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