1964 Ruthmann V60 Bucket

1964 Right Hand Drive Ruthmann V-60 Bucket Truck, Very Rare!

Here is what is possibly the only one of its kind, an early 1964 Right Hand Drive Ruthmann V-60 Bucket Truck or sometimes referred to as a "Cherry Picker".  This rare commercial Truck was originally a city maintenance service vehicle used for changing street light bulbs in Switzerland.  Over the years it made its way to England and later was imported to the USA.  It was recently part of the most prestigious Bus-only collection in North America, too. 

The body is very original and has the typical lower rust and patching that you find in early Buses that came from Europe.  The extensive album of pics on my site at will document it very well.  There are lots of very cool and unique commercial details throughout including the black and yellow striped bumpers, the hydraulic leveling system, the rare original speedometer that denotes a suggested top speed of 50 kph, and other various switches and lights for the hydraulic system.  Other cool details to note are the fluted European headlights, two-toned Euro taillights, and the European spec blade bumpers, too.

The interior is very original including the L345 Light Grey paint, the grey upholstery, the pressed board paneling, rare original Right Hand Drive rubber floor mat, etc.  It is a bit dusty and ratty but can easily continue to be enjoyed just as it is.  The seat seams have begun to come apart and could potentially be restitched with some care.

Mechanically this Truck is extremely original including the original 1500cc single port engine that pushes her along quite nicely, the stock fully synchronized reduction box transaxle, and the stock electrical system, too.  The tires are nice newer bias plies mounted on the original 14 inch Bus wheels and are topped with painted commercial hubcaps as well.  The Bus does run, drive, and stop, but will benefit from some general service and maintenance as it hasn't been in regular use in some time.  The hydraulics do work but they leak and will need servicing.  It is currently on non-op status with the DMV and has a clear California title, too. 

Without a doubt this is a rare Truck that is certain to be the only one exactly like it at any show Worldwide.  It can easily continue to be enjoyed as it is, patch and blend as necessary if that is your preference, or restore it and have one of the most remarkable commercial Buses in existence.  Thanks!


Please note that this Ruthmann Bucket Truck is located in the Orange County, California area.

Please visit my website at to see the extensive album of pics of this Ruthmann, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.
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