1964 Westy SO33 Turkis!

1964 VW Westfalia SO33 Camper, Cool Bus in Original Turkis Color!
Here's a neat and uncommon hatchtop Westy with a relatively rare Camper kit and in a lesser seen and much loved original color, too. You won't likely see another one with the same combination of year, kit, and color at any show you'll attend worldwide.
This Westy features an impressively intact and vastly original interior with the original plaid upholstery, clean wood cabinets, very nice sisal mat, marble mat, original Turkis paint inside, and the original grey upholstery on the front seat that is splitting and showing its 50 years.
The body is in fair condition and saw a poor quality exterior repaint many years ago. Being that it's such a special Westfalia, it is deserving of a high quality facelift that will require some welding, body work, and a much better skilled painter than the last guy. There is some rust around including some scabs above the gutters, some blisters and perforation on the rockers, but overall it's impressively solid. Additionally there is some bondo on the body including a thick chunk on the nose that is lifting, a thick chunk in the driver's rear corner, and some other skims including the lower cargo doors.
The interior is definitely the highlight of the Bus, super original, tidy, and a very appealing layout.
Mechanically this Westy is a good driver with a nice running single port engine, as new radial tires, newer shocks, and it can be enjoyed as it is. Thanks!
Please note that this Camper is located in Connecticut.
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