1965 Standard, Gorgeous!

1965 Sea Blue and Blue White Walkthru Standard Microbus, Exceptional California Black Plate Example!

If you're looking for a particularly nice, high-quality, and rock solid Bus that is very faithful to the original design, you must have a look at this one!  This super clean Microbus was originally sold brand new at Russ Thor Volkswagen in Torrance, California back in 1965.  It has lived its entire life in Southern California, never had any rust at all, had no significant body damage, and has been in advanced early Bus collector hands for over 25 years now.  It was purchased from the original family in Orange County over 25 years ago, was treated to a high quality repaint in single stage Glasurit paint in the original colors of Sea Blue and Blue White about 20 years ago, the 1500cc engine was rebuilt, the transaxle was rebuilt, the headliner was done by Lenny at West Coast Classics, and went back into the garage for about 18 years.  Approximately 4 years ago the Bus was pulled out of its 18 year slumber, the engine was inspected and refreshed as necessary by George Schmidt of the Butcher Shop, the brakes were redone with German parts, a new wiring harness was installed, the gas tank was cleaned out and painted, a new gas tank sending unit installed, a new set of white stripe radial tires were installed, and the Bus was buttoned up and returned to driving condition.  It is now a fully functioning, running, driving, and currently registered Bus.

Some of the many features of this beautiful Bus include:

*Original Russ Thor Dealership Window Sticker, framed
*Original California Black License Plates
*Original Russ Thor License Plate Frame, excellent condition
*Original Russ Thor Window Decal
*Original Owner's Manual
*Original Russ Thor Plastic Dealer Booklet
*Original Upholstery Seats! Mesh Grey/Salt And Pepper
*Original Middle and Rear Seat Kick Panels
*NOS Interior Panels, many, but not all
*NOS Outside Door Handles and Keys, NOS Decklid Latch Cover
*Factory Walkthru Seating
*Factory 6 Popout Window Option
*No Rust Ever
*2 Owners From New
*Era Correct 1500cc H Code Engine, Professionally Rebuilt and Recently Refreshed
*Low Mileage on Rebuilt Reduction Box Transaxle
*NOS European Headlight Assemblies
*NOS Blinker and Taillight Lenses
*NOS Front Floor Mat, Excellent Original Rear Floor Mat
*Quality Restored Wheels, sand blasted, powder coated black, faces painted L82 Silver White
*Original Spare Wheel with Original Tire!
*Koch Restored Steering Wheel
*New Wiring Works Wiring Harness, properly converted to 12 Volts
*New Starter, Generator, Voltage Regulator, and Battery
*All New Window and Rubber Seals
*Refreshed Front End with New Tie Rods, New Drag Link, and cleaned and lubed Shifter Linkage with an NOS Shifter Bushing
*All Correct Logoed Glass all around, some new from Stacey, as needed
*Loads of NOS, excellent used Original, and Restored Original Parts throughout

The body and paint are impressive and were resprayed in the original colors of Sea Blue and Blue White approximately 20 years ago.  The paint was done to a purists standard, not overdone, but to more closely reflect the finish it would have left the Volkswagen factory with.  There are a few minor imperfections including some small spots where the wet sanding buffed through on the edges of the doors and a small spot on one corner.  There is also a small scratch on the driver's door near the handle.  Overall it presents exceptionally well and all of the doors, decklid, and apron are correct and original to the Bus, too.  Additionally the bumpers are correct and original in the correct configuration for 1965 with the slash cut front blade and the pointed end rear, too.  It is very important to recognize that this Bus has had no welding, panel replacement, or rust before!  It simply cannot be compared to the average Bus these days that has been cobbled from rotted remains, this is from a different planet entirely!  It would have been a great find 25 years ago and is fairly unheard-of by today's standard!

The interior is very very nice with a mix of great original, NOS original, and high quality parts and hardware throughout.  The middle seat was removed from the Bus by the original owner early in its life and stored indoors and still looks phenomenal today.  The other seats are also wearing original upholstery and there is a small section of seam coming loose on the bottom of the rear seat.  A talented upholstery guy could restitch that seam as a best option.  The middle and rear seat kick panels are both original.  The headliner is extremely nice, faithful, was redone by Lenny about 18 years ago at the time the Bus was repainted, but still looks as fresh as if it was just done.  Another insane detail is that most of the interior panels are original, most are actually NOS, and the walk thru wall panels were sourced from TMI.  Other details to note include the NOS front floor mat, excellent original rear mat, restored steering wheel and horn button, the rarely seen parcel tray material liner, proper original hardware, and original and NOS parts galore.  The people who have been involved with this Bus are all among the most advanced Bus collectors, incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, talented, and have brought it to a level most people would not have the ability to achieve.

Mechanically the Bus features a generationally correct 1500cc single port that was recently refreshed as needed, the tins were powder coated, heater boxes rebuilt, and a new German muffler was installed as well.  There are low miles on a correct and rebuilt reduction box transaxle, rebuilt braking system including new German master cylinder, wheel cylinders, shoes, hardware, and resurfaced drums, too.  The shifter linkage has been serviced, rebuilt, lubed, and works smoothly.  The Bus runs well, drives nicely, and only has a couple small details to dial to be all that it can be.  The turn signals aren't currently working and have not yet been looked at.  Being that the wiring harness is new, it's likely something simple, possibly the turn signal switch needs replacing.  Not sure.  Additionally the Bus should go to an alignment shop to have the wheels aligned and the steering wheel centered.  It has not yet been done after the servicing of the front end, replacement of the tie rods, and drag link.  With those couple details taken care of, this will be a very enjoyable Bus to get out and drive.

Overall this is an excellent Bus, high quality, and is simply nicer than most we see on the market anymore.  I get tons of requests with friends and customers wanting me to give them the heads up on any "good" Buses that come up, this is that heads up and green light to anyone who is seeking a quality example as opposed to the typical beater we see flooding the market these days!  Thanks!


Please note that this nice 1965 Bus is located in Huntington Beach, California.

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