1965 Westy SO33 Project!

1965 Westfalia SO33 Camper Bus Project, Buildable and Affordable!

Here's a cool 1965 SO33 that could be returned to the road on a budget or makes a good base for restoration.  The original color was solid L345 Light Grey, it was delivered in Europe as part of the Tourist Delivery program, was built to North American specs, and other M codes include sealed beam headlights, an 88 ampere heavy duty battery, safety belts, and chrome hubcaps, too. 

There is a stack of old receipts and service records present which lead us to believe that it has just 157,000 miles on it.  Other cool things include an old hand-typed letter from legendary Volkswagen collector, Bill Dierickx, who a previous owner was in correspondence with regarding parts for the eventual restoration of the Bus.  

The body of the Bus is fair, not fantastic, not horrible, and does have some typical lower rust issues, but they are not that bad.  Mainly it's the rockers, a bit in the doglegs, front floor corners have some perforation, etc.  The pics show it pretty well.  Details to note include the Westfalia roof hatch, correct and original slash cut front and pointed end rear bumpers which is the correct configuration for 1965, correct decklid and apron, and it has a set of 14 inch Bus wheels, too.

The interior is fairly complete, comes with what you see in the pics, and will need some repair and restoration.  The dash is pretty nice, the wood paneling will at least make some good templates if you were to replace them, and there are several hard-to-find bits of original hardware present as well.  

Mechanically the Bus has not run in years, it has a 1600 dual port engine in unknown condition, a reduction box transaxle, and stock front end, too.  It has been standing a long time, the working condition is unknown, and all systems will need to be gone through.

This one is very buildable overall, would make a fun driver without a lot of effort, or is an above average restoration candidate if that is more your desire.  Thanks!


Please note this cool old Westy is located in Port Orchard, Washington.

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