1966 Euro Slider Standar

1966 European Standard Microbus with Sliding Cargo Door and Mostly Original Velvet Green and Pearl White Paint!

Here is a relatively rare Bus, especially here in the United States.  It is mostly complete, impressively original, has the original seats and kick panels, and has a very cool history as well.

The Bus was imported to the USA by a group of Norwegian missionaries who were driving it across the United States on their way to South America.  Along the way they decided to trade the Bus in on a new Type 3 at a VW dealership in Joplin, Missouri.  The Bus then changed hands with a local who proceeded to drive the Bus for a few years up until around 1977.  He would occasionally use the Bus to move equipment for a bluegrass band from the area.  The Bus then went into hibernation and was parked under a carport from roughly 1977-2001.  Back in 2003 the current owner had a nice 1600 single port built for it, did the brakes, put on a new set of tires, and would occasionally drive it out to local Missouri car shows.  It would benefit from some light servicing but it is a running and driving Bus now.

Some of the many cool features include being mostly original Velvet Green and Pearl White paint, being a rare factory sliding cargo door Bus, having all of the correct original seats, being a European spec Bus with European bulb type headlights, two-toned split bucket taillights, blade bumpers, and European style "fahrt start" ignition/steering lock, too.

The body is in pretty good shape and still displays the majority of the original Velvet Green and Pearl White paint.  Some blending was done long ago as you can see but the overall appearance is still pretty good and original.  There is some rust which includes both rockers, the outriggers, jack points, heater tube, the front of the cargo floor at the bulkhead, and the typical small spots at the A pillars on the front floor, too.  The extensive album of pics on my website at will document the condition very well. There's no doubt that the Bus will detail and buff out nicely and you could enjoy it just as it is or do localized rust repair and paint blending to your taste.  The doors, doglegs, decklid, hatch, rear apron, pointed end Euro blade bumpers, and 14 inch wheels are all correct for the Bus as well.  The rear bumper is not shown but is included.

The interior is a highlight of the Bus and is impressively clean and original.  All 3 original seats are there including their kick panels, too.  The original Salt and Pepper panels are there and very nice for untouched originals.  Even the original vinyl headliner is intact along with the often missing rear luggage shelf panel.  Other details to note include the very nice uncut dash, the super clean front floor, original floor mats, and a the very rare correct original popout window latch that is correct for the sliding cargo door.

Mechanically the Bus is a runner but it will require some servicing in order to be a long distance candidate.  As previously mentioned the 1600 single port engine was built by a local VW engine specialist in Missouri back in 2003.  It has roughly 1000 miles on it and runs well.  The brakes and tires were also done at that time and the brakes have some weeping cylinders currently.  They work but should obviously be serviced as necessary.  Additionally the Bus should have the gas tank cleaned out as the fuel in it is old and degraded so it is currently running on a auxiliary tank.  Additionally, as crazy as it sounds, there is no ignition key as the original owner lost it.  The door keys are present though and the Bus can currently be started by pulling the back off the ignition and turning the mechanism.  I'm sure that if you took the key code off the lock you could have Gabriel the key guy make you a new ignition key.

Overall this is a cool and relatively rare Bus with a definite time capsule essence and all of the parts that are almost always missing nowadays.  With a little care this Bus will be a great preservation driver.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Southwestern Missouri

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