SOLD!  1966 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Walkthru, Clean Bus!

1966 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Walkthru Clean Bus!
First off I'd like to point out that this Bus is not currently running and driving!  It was a driver some years back, the owner removed the 1600 dual port engine that was in it, and located a more accurate-to-original rebuilt 1500 single port long block engine that will come with the Bus but is currently not installed.
This 1966 Pearl White Westy Walkthru is very clean, straight, presentable, and has a very clean interior as well.  Some of the many features include being a very desirable Walkthru model, exceptionally dry body, floors, and undercarriage, original child's cot, original spice rack, nice and proper mustard interior cushions, beautiful aluminum on the jalousie windows, likely original plaid curtains, and a superb canvas on the poptop just to name a few.
The body is impressively straight, clean, and dry, even on the underside.  It was previously resprayed in the original color of L87 Pearl White and still displays nicely.  The doors, push button decklid, rear apron, doglegs, wheel wells, original pointed end bumpers, and 14 inch slotted Bus wheels are all correct for the Bus.  A look underneath shows a clean and dry undercarriage with factory undercoating still intact.  The insides of the wheel wells have additionally been sprayed in black paint for additional protection and a cleaner appearance as well.  The front floor also speaks volumes for how clean and dry a body this Westy has.
Inside the Bus is also exceptionally clean with a nice dash, slightly later accessory Sapphire radio, incredible steering wheel, recovered front Walkthru seats with similar-to-original Salt and Pepper style covers, proper mustard rear cushions, grey pressed board panels in the cab, wood paneling in the rear, folding table, cabinets, rear folding bed/seat, beautiful spice rack, original lights, and a handful of vintage picnic items such as picnic basket with dishes, period cooler, thermos, etc.  This interior is certainly tidy!
Mechanically, as I previously mentioned, the Bus will require a little work before it returns to service.  It was a full driver a handful of years back, the later engine that was in it came out, and a more era appropriate longblock engine has been souced for it.  The rebuilt 1500 single port long block is what will come with the Bus.  You should also expect to do some light service related things such as fuel lines, probably check the brakes for good measure, etc.  The tires are radial white stripes with good tread but are a little bit older as well.  With a little care, assembly, and light servicing this Bus should be back on the road and ready for some camping this Spring and Summer.  Thanks!
Please note that this Westfalia Camper is located in Iowa and the roof rack is not included in the sale and there is no original tent either.
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