SOLD!  1967 Westy Poptop!

1967 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Camper, Tent, Rack, Cot, Ladder, Ambulance Fan, Nice!

Here is a super clean and thoroughly decked-out 1967 Westy that is not only beautiful and a multiple show winner but it's also been proudly displayed at the San Diego Automotive Museum, too!  This desirable Camper runs and drives as nice as it looks, too.  The owner is a seasoned Bus collector and has been enjoying this Bus regularly for the last 26 years.  It is a cherished example and his pride of ownership is evidenced in the exceptional condition the Bus is in till this day.

The long list of features and accessories include a near mint original 1967 Westfalia "driveaway" tent, woodslat roof rack with original tags, the child's cot, folding ladder (repro), ambulance fan (installed but not hooked up), accessory cargo side step, accessory cab steps, dealer installed 1967 radio, California black license plates, the Birth Certificate straight from Volkswagen in Germany, and loads of period items throughout.

1967 is a very desired year by collectors due to the factory 12 volt electrical system and the very roadworthy running gear combo of a 1500 single port engine, a "Big Nut" reduction box transaxle that is often referred to as a "freeway flier" due to the preferred gear ratio, a front sway bar, and a factory dual circuit braking system as well.  The 1967 model year saw all of the accumulated refinements that Volkswagen incorporated to make them essentially the most comfortable and roadworthy of all of the Split Windshield Bus years.

The body is in nice and very presentable shape and features all of the proper doors, decklid, hatch, apron, and both original pointed end bumpers as well.  It was repainted in the original L87 Pearl White color roughly 22 years ago and still looks nice today.  There are some stone chips and imperfections around but it still displays nicely enough that it has consistently won awards at local shows for over 20 years.  There was some rust repair done prior to the repaint that included the cargo rocker, some at the jack points, and a patch on the front floor as well.  The good news is that 22 years have passed since the repaint and the Bus is still rock solid.  The original aluminum jalousie window assemblies have been polished to a brilliant shine as well as the gutter mounted tent rail.  The underside was thoroughly cleaned and painted in matte grey and is still impressively sterile.

The original SO42 Westfalia interior is in excellent shape and is unusually nice where they are typically worn.  Take note of the phenomenally nice condition of the original cab interior panels.  These are the originals that differ from the repros in that they are a pressed backer board with a thin textured grey membrane laminated over the top.  Real deal parts!  Other original details include the mustard yellow upholstery, the grey seat stand mats, the front rubber floor mat, proper 1967 "paddle" style inner cab door handles, original black vent wing window latches, and the nice original steering wheel with just a few hairline cracks.  All of those minute details demonstrate that this Bus has lead a very gentle life over the last 44 years and has never been abused.  The dash is in great shape with the original 80 mph speedo, the previously mentioned dealer optioned 1967 radio, correct 12 volt gas gauge, original windshield washer squirter bottle, a Deluxe style chrome ashtray, and a vintage pipe and stand, too.  The correct original 1967 rear view mirror is in great shape and a accessory gear shift extension is also included.  The front seat has been properly reupholstered in the correct Salt and Pepper material and a peek beneath the floor mat shows a solid floor, too.  The rear wall-mounted camper lights both work as well!

Mechanically this Bus is fully turnkey, ready to enjoy, and driven regularly.  The engine is an appropriate H case 1500 single port with roughly 3000 miles on it since being rebuilt.  It starts right up, idles beautifully, and drives well with good power.  Take note of the original German Pierburg fuel pump, the correct air cleaner assembly, and the exceptional cleanliness of the engine, engine compartment, and undercarriage as well.  The tires are nice white stripe radials mounted on stock 14 inch Bus wheels, too.  This Westfalia is ready for more camping action and a continuation of the pride of ownership it has seen for the better part of the last 3 decades!  Thanks!


Please note that this Westy is located in San Diego, California.

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