1967 Westy SO42 Walkthru

1967 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Walkthru Camper Bus, Clean, Needs Awakening!

This clean Pearl White Westy is a generally clean example and is an original Albuquerque, New Mexico Bus.  It was purchased new back in 1967 by the owner's grandfather.  He enjoyed it for years and later sold it to a friend of his who was an English mathematics professor.  It was primarily used as a summer vacation vehicle and traveled across the USA, Mexico, and overseas, always returning home to New Mexico.  Years later, the professor was the educational advisor to the current owner during his undergraduate studies and gifted the Westy to him upon his graduation, bringing its ownership journey "full circle" of sorts!

The grandson travelled the United States in the Bus for several years and enjoyed it during the 1990's and early 2000's.  He hasn't used the Bus much in the last decade and has decided that it's time to let a lucky new owner have some new adventures in it.

The body is in generally good shape, is impressively straight, remarkably dry, and only has a small amount of rust showing.  It was repainted in the original color of L87 Pearl White back in 1994 mostly to cover scratches, fading, some minor dents, and to address a couple palm-sized rust spots on the driver's rocker that were patched with new metal back then.  Now, 22 years later, there are some minor dents, dings, and flaws as you'd expect to see and a little rust showing on both rockers.  Nothing horrific and the full album of pics will show it all clearly.  The floors are pretty incredible and they and the underside shots will clearly demonstrate that this Westfalia has lead a gentle life in a dry climate.

The interior is largely intact, has lots of signs of originality, is a very practical configuration for camping, and could use some cleaning and refreshing to return it to its former glory.  The original Westfalia cargo flooring is still intact, too, a detail we don't often see after 50 years of life.

Mechanically the Bus was "running when parked" and has approximately 3,000 miles on the rebuilt 1600cc dual port engine, the transaxle will need some addressing as it occasionally pops out of 2nd gear, and the Bus will need a good servicing and going-over as it hasn't seen much use in the last decade.  Additionally the driver's windshield is broken and a replacement and seal will be included in the sale.  The Bus is positively worth the effort, it's well above average, and should prove to be a very enjoyable example that isn't too nice to actually camp with in a comfortable fashion.

This Bus offers a solid value for someone with the skills to revive and bring it up to speed.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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