SOLD!  1967 Westfalia SO-42 Poptop Walkthru!

1967 Westy SO-42 Poptop Walkthru

Here's a clean and desirable 1967 Westy Walkthru that looks good and drives well.  It features a reproduction Westfalia wood slat rack,  the original child's cot, accessory side step, is equipped with a dealer installed gas heater (fuel line not currently connected but works), as well as a rare original Blaupunkt radio that works, too.  This Camper is a good one to enjoy as it isn't too nice to use as it has lower rust issues. 
The body is very straight and looks nice but the rockers, outriggers, outer parts of the cross members, battery tray/lower corner all have rust that will need to be addressed at some point.  It is fully enjoyable as it sits but in order to bring this Camper to its full potential, those areas will need attention in the future.  Personally I'd suggest doing the necessary work down the line, blending the paint as the rest of the Bus is nice, and you'll have a nice and fully presentable Bus.  Believe it or not, this Bus won loads of trophies at Volkswagen shows all over the Midwest during the 1990's.  The paint on the roof is original and in great shape with mint gutters as well.  From the gutters down was resprayed in the original Pearl White approximately 15 years ago and still looks nice with the exception of the lower parts previously mentioned.  There is a very light bonk on the nose just below the emblem about the size of a basketball.  It is very shallow and mild but worth the mention.  The front floor is very solid as you can see from the pics.  The original Westfalia flooring is covering the rear floor but you can see it from the pics of the underneath.  I'll have all 95 pics posted on my site to paint a clear picture of the condition.  The original aluminum louvered window frames are very clean and shiny as well.  I believe all of the glass is correct original matching logo sekurit and the windshields are the original Delogs.  All of the doors, apron, and bumpers are all correct for the Bus, too.
The interior is very clean, complete with the exception of the icebox portion which was removed long ago.  The dash is nice and features a vintage compass, the previously mentioned working Blaupunkt radio that's been there since new, a cab mounted gas heater that is also a dealer option.  It works but the fuel line was disconnected.  The poptop canvas is showing its age and could be replaced at some point as well.  The child's cot and mounting poles are present but the tent went away long ago.  The original spice rack is in good shape but needs to be rehung on the cargo door panel.  A very expensive Gene Berg performance shifter was installed in the Bus as well and it is actually nice and feels good shifting as well.  The front seat covers are in OK shape for a driver but replacing them in the future might be nice.  The original Westfalia stool is also present and included.
Mechanically the Bus is turnkey and bone stock.  It features a stock H case 1500 single port engine that starts right up and runs well.  The choke needs adjusting as it will stall at idle before the engine warms up.  The carb was just cleaned out, new German fuel lines installed, oil changed, valves adjusted, new spark plugs, and new plug wires were also installed.  The distributor is a 009 with an electronic ignition module which is nice.  The Bus is also factory 12 volt being that it's a 1967 which is great for faster starting, brighter lights, and overall reliability.  The stock big nut transaxle shifts nicely and just had the gear oil changed as well as receiving new axle boots and new axle seals.  The wheel cylinders and rubber lines are also brand new.  The tires are brand new white stripe radials mounted on powdercoated 14 inch Bus wheels and topped off with new chrome hubcaps with correctly painted logos. 
This is not a mispriced $24,000 Westy Walkthru but a Bus priced to sell as it is.  With some work in the future it could be worth considerably more.  Thanks!


*Please note that the license plate is for display purposes only and is not included.

*This Westy is located in San Diego, CA.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of 95 pics of this Camper, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

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