1967 Westy Walkthru OG!

1967 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Walkthru Camper, Extremely Original, 56,000 Original Miles!

This super exceptional and unrestored Westfalia Camper Bus is a great example of just how nice an old Volkswagen can be with a history of proper care and loving owners. It has been in "advanced collector" hands for roughly the last 25 years and still displays beautifully at 45 years young. It comes with the tent, roof rack with both original tags, rare ladder, super cool and rare cab door-actuated assist steps, cargo step, original US spec extension cord, VWOA accessory elephant ear mirrors, loads of original dealership memorabilia, and service records dating back to when it was new. With just over 56,000 original miles this Westy has averaged just over 1200 miles a year since it left the factory in 1967.

The original owner was an older gentleman who lived in Pennsylvania not far from the Volkswagen Of America headquarters. It is believed that that is where he saw many of the cool accessories that he had fitted to his Camper. The Bus was used sparingly as a recreational vehicle during the Summer months for he and his wife and was very well cared for during his ownership. With conscientious owners and limited use in the years since it left his hands, the Bus is still as beautiful as when he owned it.

The body is in very impressive condition and still displays over 95% of its original Pearl White paint. The driver's door and dogleg were repainted early in the Bus' life but it is hard to notice as it matches very well. After a close inspection there is no evidence of damage there and they were likely resprayed due to a scratch. There are some light dings, stone chips, and imperfections as you'd expect to see with any nearly half century old Volkswagen but the finish is still glossy, very respectable, and understandably could be mistaken for a more recent full repaint. The correct pointed end bumpers were resprayed years ago and look great. This Bus is incredibly dry, really a best-case-scenario for a survivor. A peek beneath the superb original front floor mat shows strong and clean original paint that might have never been all that dirty in its life! The undercarriage is also very impressive, rock solid, and still is being protected by the factory undercoating.

The interior is also in beautiful condition and features the very desirable factory option of Walkthru seating. The mustard-colored cushions are really clean, the original Westfalia cargo floor mat is still intact, the original plaid curtains are still present, and the Salt and Pepper front seats are gorgeous, too. The dash is glossy and has a dealer optioned Blaupunkt AM radio and a accessory cigarette lighter, too.
Other details to note include the original grey cab paneling, the "jumpseat" for the Walkthru aisle, and the original mustard canvas on the poptop. The more you look, the more this Bus impresses.

Mechanically this Westfalia is bone stock and is still running the original matching numbers and strong-running 1500cc single port engine, stock big nut "freeway flier" transaxle, and is also a desirable factory 12 volt electrical system Bus. It runs and drives well although the brake system could stand to be rebuilt soon and the transaxle does crunch a little while downshifting into 2nd gear. A vintage set of Goodyear bias ply tires are mounted on all 5 original paint 14 inch Bus wheels, too.

The more than 100 detailed pics on my website will help document precisely how exceptional the original condition of this Westfalia is in. Rarely are they this nice and original. Thanks!


Please note that this Camper is located in the Orange County, California area.

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