1967 Westy Walkthru!

1967 Westfalia SO42 Poptop Walkthru Camper, Nice, Solid, and Former Con Surfboards Bus!

This impressively clean and desirable California black plate Camper Bus was previously owned by Constantine "Con" Colburn, the owner of Con Surfboards, back in the 1960's and 1970's, and has the vintage California registration cards and service receipts to support it.  For those of you who may not have heard of him, he was a legendary California surfboard shaper and surf company owner who made his name back in the 1960's and 1970's with several revolutionary contributions to the sport including inventing a floating removable fin system, spray surfboard traction, and additionally he was credited with being the inventor of the surfboard leash plug and the first mass-produced surf leashes!  Leash plugs to this day are still very reminiscent of his original design from so many decades ago.  A cool bit of history that makes this Bus stand out from the rest!

The Bus is very nice, very well cared for, was Volkswagen dealer and professional shop maintained for most of its life, and extremely solid throughout, too.  Details to note include being a desirable factory Walkthru model, the original California black license plates, the original tent, child's cot, very nice and mostly original interior, the proper 1500 single port engine, factory 12 volt electrics, roof racks, correct 1967 in-dash radio, correct curtains, the list goes on!

The body is in nice shape, super dry, is believed to never have been hit, and was repainted long ago in the original color of L87 Pearl White.  It looks nice, plenty presentable for a driver that you'd actually be comfortable to go camping in!  Details to note include the nice door gaps, correct doors, hatch, decklid, rear apron, correct pointed end bumpers, and the correct 14 inch wheels, too.  The floors are super solid and a peek on the underside shows how dry a life this Bus has led over the last 5 decades!  They are rarely this solid!

The interior is super clean, tidy, and is very faithful to the original design.  Correct grey pressed board panels in the cab, wood paneling in the rear, Salt and Pepper front Walkthru seat upholstery, mustard cushions in the rear that have new high-quality mattress padding in them, plaid Westfalia curtains, original fridge, spice rack, and the original Westfalia flooring is still intact and nice, too!  Other details to note include the dealer-installed dash clock and the recently installed NOS "fahrt-start" ignition switch/steering column lock for added security.  This one has survived impressively well.

Mechanically the Bus is a driver with a factory rebuilt 1500cc single port engine, stock big nut "Freeway Flier" reduction box transaxle, and factory 12 volt electrics, too.  The tires are white stripe radials in good shape with plenty of tread left as well.  There are loads of service receipts from the early life of the Bus with most of the work having been performed by Southern California Volkswagen dealers and known professional shops, too.  The brakes are new, the Bus runs and drives well, and it feels smooth on the road.  

SO42 Westys are usually not this clean or as dry as this one has remained over the last half century!  Thanks!


Please note that this cool Westfalia is located in Davis, California.

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