1971 Deluxe Bus!

1971 Deluxe, Texas First Baptist Church Shuttle Bus!

Here's a good and clean Niagara Blue Deluxe Bus that has survived better than most and has an interesting story, too.  It was sold new at Central Volkswagen in Richarson, Texas, and was used by the First Baptist Church located in Tyler, Texas.  It was a shuttle to bring their members to and from the church and church functions.  The Bus was repainted from below the rain gutters down decades ago, the roof is still the original white paint, and you can see tons of logos beneath the blue respray.  In the right light, you can see "FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH" across the rear hatch, on both sides, and there is smaller font logos on the lower sides and both front doors!  Possibly a church slogan, possibly an address, still trying to make it out.  We had the thought that trying different lighting sources might help to bring them out.  If I kept the Bus, my goal was to have Tim Leventry restore the original logos to the Bus, giving it a bit of an "identity", and maintaining its cool history as well.

Other interesting details of the Bus include that the original Volkswagen dealer window sticker is still with it as well as the owner's manual and the dealer service booklet that reflects the First Baptist Church as being the original owner.  The Bus is also a bit more unusual being that it has a full bench front seat and the original numbers matching motor is still with it although a rebuilt 1600 dual port was installed years ago as the original developed a rod knock.  You'll get both engines in the sale so that the Bus will both be a runner AND the original engine will go with it!  Additionally the original Volkswagen radio still works great!

The body is in far better condition than average, looks good, is impressively straight, and was repainted in the original and desirable colors of Niagara Blue and Pastel White many years ago, likely after it was retired from service as the church's shuttle.  The roof is still wearing the original white paint which is still strong and shiny with only mild patina on it.  It's pretty clear that the Bus was stored indoors for much of its life as the roof is so clean and the gutters are beautiful as well.  There are a few small spots of rust including the driver's side front floor, a couple small spots on the original rockers, the battery tray which has a solid patch, and a bit on the bottom of the decklid, too.  The underside is impressively clean and solid and the cargo floor is pretty incredible, literally nice enough to wax!

The interior is very original including the headliner which has a few tears, the seat upholstery which is impressive although the middle has a split in it, and the original door panels are above average, too.  The original dash is nice and not all busted up like most, the glove box liner is intact and clean, both the middle and rear seat kick panels are present and nice, and the rear luggage shelf liner is still intact and pretty nice, too.  It's a whole lot cleaner inside than most Bays you'll see on the market that are priced below $20,000.

Mechanically the Bus is all stock and features a nice running 1600 dual port engine, stock suspension, and factory 12 volt electrics, too.  The Bus was off the road for approximately the last 5 years and should see some additional servicing in order to be a reliable driver including a look at the brakes, cleaning out the fuel tank of the older gas in it, and considering a new set of tires, too.  It has just received an oil change, valve adjustment, carb rebuild, new Bosch plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires, electronic ignition, had the timing and carb professionally set, and is currently running off fresh fuel in a cool vintage gas can.  It starts immediately, idles, runs, and accelerates beautifully, shifts well, and stops, too.  I have driven it around the neighborhood a few times but it should be further inspected and serviced as necessary to bring it to the next level as a healthy and reliable driver.  The headlights, brake lights, running lights, blinkers, emergency flashers, license light, wipers, and radio all work correctly, too.  The horn and interior dome lights are not currently working but haven't been looked at thus far.  A bit more TLC should bring this Bus around to drive as nice as it already looks!

This will make somebody a very fun and usable driver of a Bus which is precisely why I bought it in the first place.  Only selling to lighten the load as I currently have 7 cars of my own.  I have a few videos of the Bus running as well as a walk around and more pics or video are no problem for serious buyers, too.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in San Diego, California.

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