My Own Bus Collection
These are my keepers, nothing for sale...

1953 Barndoor Panel Bus, original Dove Blue paint, original company logos from Lido Dry Cleaners of Newport Beach and a sign painter signature from Alred Brothers Volkswagen Porsche in Glendale, California.

1954 Barndoor Standard Microbus, original everything, paint, interior, engine, trans, wheels, and just 32,000 original kilometers (roughly 20,000 miles).  Originally used as a limousine in Zurich, Switzerland.

1957 Kombi, original Dove Blue paint with original company logos from "The Model" Laundry Service in Neillsville, Wisconsin, all 3 correct seats, slammed with a narrowed beam, adjusters, dropped spindles, straight axle, and a built 1776 cc dual carbed engine.

1959 Crew Cab Pickup Truck, factory seamed gates, seamed roof, built on the first day of Bastard 40hp production, original Dove Blue paint, rock solid patinaed survivor.

1960 Kombi, original L345 Light Grey paint, all original with just 34,500 miles.  This Bus was parked in February 1972 when I was just 3 months old.  I saw it hibernating for decades, pursued it full force for 11 years, and finally got it.  It is incredibly nice, a pure time capsule.  I'll likely be buried in this one.

1964 Chevrolet El Camino, very original California black plate car, no rust, 283 V8, factory 4 barrel, powerglide 2 speed automatic, approximately 85% original Lagoon Aqua paint, and everything works including the original AM radio.  American Racing Torq Thrust wheels are the only deviation from stock.

1971 Bay Window Deluxe Bus.  Yep, I can't believe it either, I went Bay after nearly 30 years!  This one is very clean, complete, and was used as a Baptist Church shuttle Bus in Texas early in its life.  Still has the original window sticker with it, too.

Brendan Finn

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