1958 Westfalia Camper!

1958 Westfalia Camper!


1967 Slider Door Panel, Former German Fire Brigade Bus!

Here’s a cool one with a neat and interesting history. This 1967 Panel Bus was built with a rare factory sliding cargo door, was painted Fire Engine Red, and served as a genuine Fire Brigade vehicle in Germany early in its life. Years later, it was retired from service, bought by an American Volkswagen collector, and was shipped to the better weather of California. It was painted in the current silver scheme, lowered, custom wheels were installed, and it’s been a regular driver around Southern California for many years now.

Some of the cool features to note include the blue emergency vehicle roof light (included), the old German switch decals still on the dash, the European taillights, the cool original Byce industrial bumpers, and since it’s a 1967 it has factory 12 volt electrics, too. This one will make a fun and enjoyable driver for someone and without breaking the bank!

The body is in fair to good condition, was repainted in the current paint many years ago, and has served as a frequent driver for the collector who owns it. The paint is fair, has some flaws from the years, some chips, scrapes, and little blisters in some spots, too. It had some welding work done long ago including the rockers, all very typical, and can clearly be seen in the more than 100 pics of the Bus that can be seen on my website at Other details to note include the correct doors, doglegs, decklid, apron, and rear hatch, all proper for 1967.

The interior is user friendly, comfortable, and showing typical wear for its age as you can see. There are several cool signs of originality as well as its time as a Fire Service vehicle. You can see the old school decals on the switches identifying their purposes in German. Additionally there are some extra holes in the dash for things such as emergency light switches, likely switches for a old pair of European “neener” horns, etc. There is also a vintage first aid kit behind the driver’s seat that has been there a long while. The rear cargo area has signs of having one had the firemen’s equipment, shovels, axes, coats, helmets, hoses, and many of these used to carry air-cooled Volkswagen powered water pumps to help fight the fires, too. It’s a legit retired Fire Truck, pretty damn cool!

Mechanically the Bus is a driver with a 1600 single port engine, lowered suspension via a straight axle rear end, dropped spindles, low profile tires on Torker wheels, and it’s factory 12 volt as well. It is currently running/driving/registered, and has a clear California title, too.

This is a cool Bus with a neat history that can continue to be enjoyed and eventually be brought to the next level in the future. There are a handful of cool old photographs from earlier in the Bus’ life as well as old German fahrzeugbrief/registration booklet that will accompany it in the sale. Thanks!

Please note that this fun 1967 is located in Escondido, California.

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