If you would like to comment on how we have helped you in buying/selling/locating/advising/technical information/etc. in the past please email your comments to me at and I will post them up here for others to see.

Here are some words from satisfied customers…

“I am very new to the VW Bus scene. I called Brendan on a Friday night regarding a 23-Window Bus. Knowing that there are clones, Brendan assured me that this Bus was the real deal. He personally knew the sellers and that the Bus had been with that family for the past 25 years. After speaking with Brendan for about 1/2 hour, I was convinced that I was dealing with a very knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest, and passionate person.
The entire buying process was very smooth. He recommended a transporter to deliver our Bus from another state. The transporter was very good, prompt, and a good communicator.
The Bus is even better than we could even believe. Brendan called one of his friends in our area (Brickhaus Restorations) to check out the Bus. Trevor and Kevin assured us that the Bus is a real find. This certainly reassured us that we had made the right choice of broker.
I have texted Brendan many times over the past 2 weeks and he has responded immediately with great suggestions and recommendations.
Thank you Brendan for a great transaction! You are the real deal!”

Bernie F., Mesa, Arizona, USA

“Brendan has the skill set to get the job done with excellent results. He is trustworthy, diplomatic and very personable. He strives to make sure that both sides of a transaction are pleased. Very communicative and outstanding social skills.”

~Bethany W., Brownsville, Tennessee, USA

“As this will probably be our last communication I’d like to thank you once again for brokering the deal (1947 Beetle, matching numbers). In all my time in business I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with as much enthusiasm and passion for a product as you, or who has responded to e-mails and progressed a deal as quickly. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again and regards,”

~Russell and Peter M., Auckland, New Zealand

“How this combination of intelligence, integrity, acumen, and experience all got rolled into one bundle of Finn is beyond me, but Brendan is a miracle. After reading one of Brendan’s ads, I knew I would never work with anyone other than him when it came to buying a VW; his no-nonsense, honest, full and complete knowledgeable disclosure approach was utterly unique in the world of car sales. I came to the VW hunt sincere, but clueless. Brendan gave me a thorough education in all that was important to know about VW’s, helped me dodge countless bullets, was crazily responsive, helpful, patient, and ultimately steered me toward and helped me acquire the bug-of-my-dreams. He’s the kind of guy that’s so good, you name a kid after him. Or a car. Or a country. Really. Brendan is THE best, bar none, and I will always be on-my-knees grateful for having had the privilege to work with him.”

~Pamela B., Northern California, USA

“Hi Brendan, the Bus arrived at my house an hour ago, and it’s amazing, far better than I thought it was going to be. I’m absolutely in love with this monster, thanks again for hooking me up and pass my thanks on to George for letting me have this awesome Bus.
Cheers Phill”

~Phill P., United Kingdom

“Hey Brendan,

Thanks again for all your efforts on our project (selling their 1959 Porsche Convertible D), we appreciate your “on top of it” work ethic-

We’re coming around from our stupor and Dave is already looking for a project, an empty garage is startling to say the least! All is well-


~Jill and Dave S.”, Concord, California

“Hey Brendan!

Happy New Year!
At last, the Ambulance has arrived & I can confirm it is as awesome as you said it was!
It is safely tucked up in my garage against the cold weather & snow (-3c today!)
Octavio has featured in the big VW magazine over here this month with his PGSG microbus. He has a glowing write up & has an amazing bus.
Please pass on my thanks & tell him how happy I am with the Ambulance. It will be well looked after.
Also, big thank you to you too. It’s a scary thing to buy a vehicle from another country without seeing it. You have been so helpful & honest with the details. You made the whole process less painful & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you & your garage to other UK buyers.
Thank you Brendan, we appreciate all your help.”

~Debbie N., United Kingdom

“Brendan is the best I know of in the VW world, especially regarding older buses. He is very knowledgeable, honest, and always very fast and efficient in all my correspondences with him. Mahalo, Brendan, for all your help and advice, and for always taking the time from your busy schedule to respond to all my queries, however small it may be! Aloha.”
~ Roanne K., Hawaii, USA

“Thank you for your part in the transaction, I appreciate your open, honest no BS approach.”

~Tommy M., Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA

“Brendan, thank you so much for helping me sell my car, it was fast and painless. I appreciate all you did from the communication to the buyer to helping find a shipping company. Thank you so much!”

~Thornton S., Chandler, Arizona, USA

“This has been a really smooth transaction and I appreciate everything you did. If you ever need a reference, I’m on the list.”

~Kent Z., Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

“Brendan has sold numerous vehicles and parts for me, he has handled all transactions professionally for both buyer and seller. He eliminates the hassle of having to deal with numerous phone calls and low ball offers and seriously dumb questions that would test even the best sellers with endless patience. He has represented my interest in purchasing several other cars and parts and has done a superior job at making deals on my behalf. Overall I would say Brendan is a very good resource of knowledge on vintage Volkswagen vehicles and parts who understands the market and exchange rates worldwide in order to provide the best expectations for listing or buying at today’s market prices. I do plan on using his service many more times in the future. Dollar for dollar, I don’t think a better informed person could be had to represent a seller than Brendan.”

~John F., Central California, USA

“I’ve been in the VW business in California for 15 years mainly exporting. I’ve bought and sold over 1000 VWs and dealt with hundreds of people. I’ve had so many great times in this VW scene but I also learned some hard lessons from this business getting screwed over and lost lots of money as well. Now I only deal with the handful of people that I can trust and BRENDAN is one of them. It’s like you installed the good Virus scan and get rid of all those crooked money makers out there and keep the right people around you. If you are looking for something to buy through Brendan, you are doing the right thing. Call him and talk to him. You won’t be sorry. Keep up your good work Brendan. Talk to you soon.”

~David K., Southern California, USA

“I was very pleased with Brendan and his full disclosure of this car (1960 European Convertible Beetle). I had asked for an additional 50 pics of the car and although it was 1 hour away from him, he was able to get them for me. Everything was on point and the Vert was even better in person. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future to add more cars to my collection. Thank You!”

~Gino U., Minnesota, USA

“Hi Brendan, I just want to thank you for a really great deal. We got our bus two days ago and we are really happy. We bought this car without having seen it in person. We paid for it without knowing you, and we were not disappointed. The car is really great, better than we expected. We hope to make more great deals with you.”

“Wir haben ein Fahrzeug gekauft, ohne es vorher gesehen zu haben, wir haben dieses Fahrzeug voller Vertrauen bezahlt. Und wir wurden nicht enttäuscht. Der Bus ist wirklich toll, es war ein ehrliches Geschäft ohne irgendwelche unangenehmen Überraschungen. Wir würden jederzeit wieder ein Fahrzeug von Brendan kaufen.”

~Birgit B., Germany

“Hi Brendan, I just wanted to thank you for everything. I was totally unfamiliar with this process and scared to send my money to someone I did not know but I trusted you and I am glad that I did because my transaction was totally smooth with no surprises. I just did what you said and what you said would happen did. You answered every call and email always making me feel better. I just want to say thank you for everything, I love my bus, and look forward to talking to you in the future.”

~Brent E., Northern California, USA

“You’re a helluva salesman. I know that first hand. You had me practically pissing myself over this Bus when Jason owned it.”

~John P., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

“Brendan has located and inspected several cars for me, and he has exceeded my expectations on every level. Coupling a genuine enthusiasm for vintage Volkswagens and an intimate knowledge of these cars and the marketplace, Brendan is an obvious choice to assist you in the purchase or sale of a Volkswagen. I look forward to working with Brendan again when adding to my collection in the future.”

~Tim N., Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“I’ve known and done business with Brendan for more than a decade. He’s an accurate and excellent source of knowledge and international contacts of Buses and parts. He’s always been courteous, honest, prompt, professional and just overall fun to work with.”

~Michael H., Medford, Oregon, USA

“During my 15 years of involvement in the VW scene, Brendan has always served as my “go to” guy for the definitive answer on authenticity, correctness, quality, and provenance on vintage VW’s. His wealth of knowledge on these vehicles can be considered one of the most comprehensive in the world. You can be sure that the cars represented by Holy Grail Garage are as described.”

~Jason R., San Diego, California, USA

“I met Brendan 2-3 years ago after getting back into the vintage VW scene. Brendan is always a pleasure to talk to and do business with. His knowledge of vintage Volkswagens, and in particular type II VW’s is second to none. Anytime I have a burning question that I need an answer to, I email Brendan. He is always willing to share his vast knowledge and give back to the VW community. I learn something new from him every time we talk.
I recommend The Holy Grail Garage for your VW needs, as I have only known Brendan to be a top notch, honest person and a wealth of knowledge.”

~Edward A., Whittier, California, USA

“I’m only 4 years into VW Microbuses and am restoring a ’58 Standard (Microbus) and have put a few others on the road again. I’ve had hundreds of questions over that 4 year period. There are a handful of knowledgeable enthusiasts I rely on for accurate information and Brendan is one of them that I’ve relied on heavily. He always has time for me and always offers more information than I requested or expected. His passion and respect for these vehicles is inspiring to people like me who are relatively new to the community, and his knowledge and expertise helps keep the integrity of the hobby alive and well.”

~Stephen M., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA